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Leaf & Brush Removal Service

Fall Cleanup, leaf removal service, affordable landscape services

Leaf Removal Service, Full affordable landscape service, leaf & brush removal, Curb side removal. FREE ESTIMATES- 508-540-8218 Falmouth, MA 02536

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  • leaf removal
  • Bed Cleaning
  • pruning
  • Tree pruning
  • Bobcat brush mowing

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Lawn Aeration Service – Dethatching – Over Seeding- Lawn Installations-Cape Cod, Falmouth, MA

Regular Aeration

As already discussed, a core aeration is a great way to keep your lawn happy, and improve the soil it grows in. For thin fescue lawns or problem lawns, it is a good idea to over-seed the lawn after aerating.

Newly aerated fescue lawns provide an almost ideal environment for growing new grass seed. This will help fill in those bare or thin spots, giving you a thicker, healthier turfgrass that will crowd out weeds and help prevent new weeds from developing.

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Overseeding at the same time as an Aeration Service is an ideal way to thicken up your lawn. This is especially important if your lawn looks thin or has bare spots. We will match as closely as possible the existing turf grass so the new seeds will blend in with your existing lawn.

Why Aerate?

Most people are not aware of the benefits of aeration, yet it is one of the most important treatments for a healthy lawn. Aeration helps reduce compaction, enables oxygen and growing amendments to get to the roots and keeps your soil in the best shape possible.


Landscape & Maintenance Service

Cape Cod Landscape Division, Patio Stone Work


Cape Cod Hydroseeding Services

Cape Cod Hydroseeding Services ( Division of RSC Hydroseeding & Landscape Co.
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Cape Cod Hydroseeding & Landscape Services, Where High Quality Is High Priority!


Lawn Care and Installations, New Lawns, Seeding, Sod, overseeding

Cape Cod Hydroseeding Company

A owner operated company –  all work performed by owner.

Here at Cape Cod Hydroseeding, There is no need for multiple contractors.  We do it all..Start to finish.  Grading preping of existing soil, Fresh high quality loam delivered,  spread and raked.   Our Bobcat will professionally  grade and level all materials.  This is to correct drainage and to minimize any run off or flooding. We spray only premium lawn mixtures & take pride in everything we do!

Post Care of your new lawn is available.   From Weekly or bi weekly mowing.  Fertilizing Programs, Watering of newly seeded lawns. Winter, Spring,Summer & Fall,  Maintenance.


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Hydroseeding Lawn Installation

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